Try On Panama Haul

I recently came back from Panamá about two weeks ago as you probably already know from my Panamá vlog. However, i did go shopping whilst i was there because in the end it was so inexpensive, therefore i wanted to share with you guys how these items look on, the things i bought and  where i bought them.

Travel Diary | Panama Trip 2016

The Travel Diary series will consist on trips i go on both here in El Salvador or outside of the country. I have started this series because of my film making passion and because i want to take you with me on my journey to these beautiful places. I recently went on a trip to Panamá to visit my best friend and filmed on every location we went to. I hope you enjoy it and i promise that these videos will get better 🙂
La serie Travel Diary es una serie que empecé con las intenciones de compartir los lugares a los que voy tanto aquí en El Salvador o otros países. He decidido empezar a hacer estos vlogs con las intenciones de llevarlos a ustedes a estos bellos lugares. Recientemente fui a visitar a mi mejor amigo a Panamá, por ende los comparto mi viaje ¡Espero lo disfruten!