Neon Feels

Neon Feels

English and Spanish instructions/ Instrucciones en Ingles y Español 

The steps of this makeup look were written exactly how i made the look! feel free to change them and do them however you wish to do them! I hope you enjoy it!/ Los pasos para este maquillaje fueron escritos exactamente de la forma que los hice! Puedes cambiarlos a tu conveniencia!! Espero que te guste!


Makeup Used/Maquillaje:

-L.A Girl PRO.Conceal concealer in natural $2.50

-L.A Girl Eyeshadow collection in NUDES $6

-L.A Girl glide Gel liner in Whiten $4

-BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil palette (NOW $8)

-Blue mascara

-ELF Cream eyeliner in Midnight $3




  1. You need a base for your eyeshadows! therefore start off the makeup look by applying the L.A Girl PRO.Conceal concealer in natural as an eyelid primer.
  2. Proceed to take the L.A Girl Eyeshadow collection in NUDES and take the second shade from left to right and use this as a transition shade above your crease.
  3. Take the NYX Beauty To Go box and use the vibrant light blue on the crease and gently blend this color with the color previously applied above the crease.
  4. Start smoking out the makeup by layering the navy blue on the second slit of the palette and put it on top of the light blue.
  5. To add some more definition of the crease of the eye and get a smooth gradient from dark blue to light blue, apply an even darker blue from the same palette located below the light blue on the outer part of the crease. 
  6. Lastly apply the black/blue shade on the second slit of the palette on top of the color previously applied. By this point you should have a smooth gradient between all of the blue shades.
  7. At this point you will most likely have blue colors on your lid. We don’t want that as it will interfere with the yellow we are about to put on top. Therefore apply some of the L.A Girl PRO.Conceal concealer in natural on the lid of the eye and blend it in.
  8. On top, apply the warm yellow from the BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil palette.
  9. Take the ELF Cream eyeliner in Midnight and create a winged eyeliner on your upper lash line as well as your upper waterline and then set the shade with the navy blue from the NYX palette (located on the lower part of the second slit)
  10. To bring the look together there has to be some color on the lower lash line. Therefore start off by smoking the navy blue from the NYX palette (on the second slit) on your lower lash line and smoke out the blue with the transition shade previously used from the L.A. Girl Eyeshadow collection in NUDES.
  11. Take the L.A Girl glide Gel liner in Whiten and apply it on your lower waterline as well as create a small wing extending from half of your lower lash line to the end of the wing from your upper lash line. (see picture for reference)
  12. Set the white eyeliner with the white shade from the L.A Girl Eyeshadow collection in NUDES as well as highlight your brow bone.
  13. Once again take the yellow shade and apply it in the center of your lower waterline.
  14. Lastly, apply blue mascara on both your upper and lower lashes and you are done!.




  1. Es necesario tener una base para tus sombras. Por ende toma el corrector  L.A Girl PRO.Conceal en Natural y usalo como primer.
  2. Toma la paleta de sombras L.A. Girl en NUDES y toma el segundo color mas claro y usalo como sombra de transición arriba de la cuenca del ojo.
  3. Con la caja de maquillaje NYX Beauty To Go, toma la sombra celeste y ponla en la cuenca del ojo. Con el color previamente utilizado, difumina el celeste.
  4. Para empezar a hacer el look mas oscuro, toma el color azul marino de la misma paleta de sombras y ponlo encima del celeste difuminando bien. Este color esta en el segundo piso de sombras de la caja.
  5. Para crear un poco de definición en el ojo y para que aya un suave degradado entre las tonalidades de azules, aplica una sombra azul un poco mas oscura en la parte exterior de la cuenca del ojo.Esta sombra esta abajo del celeste en la caja de NYX.
  6. Termina el difuminado de azules tomando el azul/negro en la segunda planta de sombras de la caja de NYX y ponlo encima de la sombra previamente aplicada. Deberías de tener un suave degradado entre todas las tonalidades de azul.
  7. Para remover el residuo de sombras azules en el párpado móvil, pon un poco de corrector encima para tener una base limpia para el amarillo que estamos apunto de aplicar.
  8. Pon el amarillo de tu gusto de la paleta de sombras BH Cosméticos en el párpado móvil.
  9. Con el delineador en gel de ELF en el color Midnight crea un delineador alado y ponlo en la linea de agua superior. Para que el delineador no se mueva pon la sombra azul marino encima.
  10. Es importante que haya un balance entre las sombras en la parte superior del ojo con las sombras en la parte inferior del ojo.Por ende, toma el mismo azul marino y ponlo en la linea de pestañas inferior y difumínalo con la sombra de transición de la paleta L.A. Girl.
  11. Con el delineador L.A. Girl en Whiten, delinea tu linea de agua inferior al igual que crea una pequeña ala que se conecte al delineador de la parte inferior. Has esto de la forma que el delineador blanco se extienda desde la mitad del azul en la linea de pestañas inferior hasta el final del ala de la linea de pestañas superior. (mira la foto para tener una idea a lo que me refiero.)
  12. Evita que el delineador blanco se mueva aplicando la sombra blanca de la paleta L.A. Girl encima. Pon esta misma sombra en el hueso de la ceja para iluminarlo.
  13. Vuelve a tomar el amarillo y ponlo a la mitad de tu linea de agua inferior.
  14. Finalmente, ponte mascara de pestañas azul en tus pestañas inferiores y superiores. Listo!


DIY Ring and Jewelry Holder

Jewlry holder
The materials you will need are: Silicone, A small dish or cup, A plastic animal and spray paint of your desired color.

Los materiales necesarios son: Silicon, Un plato o taza pequeña, Animalito de plàstico y Pintura en forma de spray.

Jewelry holder instructions

1.Start off by spray painting your plastic animal, i chose a giraffe but you can choose your favorite animal if you wish. Remember to spray paint outdoors!

1. Empieza pintando tu animalito de plàstico con la pintura de spray, En lo personal escogí una jirafa pero tu puedes escoger tu animal favorito. Re cuerda de pintarlo al aire libre.

2.Wait for the paint to dry and add another layer if necessary.

2. Espera a que la pintura se seque y pinta otra capa de pintura si es necesario. 

3. When all of the paint is dry apply silicone to the animal and paste it to the dish or cup. I would recommend that you use a glue gun because i found that the silicone took too long to dry.

3. Cuando la pintura este seca, aplica silicone al animalito y pégalo al plato o a la taza. Yo te recomendara usar una pistola de goma ya que la silicona liquida se tarda mucho tiempo en secar.

THATS IT! you can now place your rings and jewelry in the dish and its a beautiful way to decorate your room!

LISTO!! ahora puedes poner tu joyeria y anillos en el plato. Esta es una forma muy bonita de decorar tu habitación.

DIY Chalkboard Cup


English & Spanish Instructions/Instrucciones en Ingles & Español

Chalkboard Cup.png

Cup step by step1.The first thing you have to do is put a strand of tape that covers the first 2 inches of the cup. This is done so that when you drink out of the cup it doesn’t feel weird and you don’t taste the chalkboard paint, by doing this you will have a clean line without any paint transfer.

1. El primer paso para hacer esta taza es cubrir los primeros 5cm te la taza con cinta adhesiva. Esto es para que cuando tomes te la taza no sientas la textura de la tiza. Esto también va a crear una linea recta.

2. Next you need to paint all of the cup with chalkboard paint, you can literally buy chalkboard paint at any craft store or hardware store.

2. El siguiente paso es pintar toda la taza con la pintura de tiza. Toma tu tiempo! Cuando la primera capa de pintura se seque pinta una segunda capa.

3. When the paint is completely dry you can remove the tape.

3. Cuando la pintura este completamente seca puedes remover la cinta adhesiva.

4. Now its time to decorate the cup with colorful chalk! BE CREATIVE!

4. Es hora de decorar tu taza! Con tiza pinta tu taza como tu quieras se creativo/a!

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Midnight Makeup



1.With the ELF eyelid primer,prime your eyelids to ensure long lasting shadows.
2.Taking the blue from the BH Cosmetics 28 eyeshadow palette in smokey eye edition, take the color located in the 5th column 2nd row and apply it in the outer half of the eyelid.
3.Taking the silver from the same palette located in the 6th column 3nd row and apply it in the middle of the eyelid, this will bring light to your eyes and make them pop.
4.To bring even more light to the eye, apply the silver above the one previously used right on the inner corner of the eye bringin it to the inner lower lash line.
5.Taking the deep berry purple in the 3rd column 3rd row, lightly apply it above the crease to create a little bit of depth and bring some color into the eye.
6.With the blue in the 5th column 4th row apply it right on the crease and outer v to create more depth and definition to the eye.
7.Moving on to the lower lash line, take the black shade from the same palette and apply it on the outer lower lash line.
8.Apply the same berry purple previously used on the middle of the lower lash line trying to create a gradient from the black to the purple.
9.Create a dramatic wing eyeliner with your favorite liquid liner.
10.Line your waterline with a purple eyeliner of your choice.
11.Lastly apply as many coats of your favorite mascara to make your eyelashes look long and curly.

YOU ARE DONE!!! Good luck