How To Dress Up A Summer Outfit

Tips in english and spanish!/ Tips en ingles y español! ————————————————————————————————————————————————– English/Ingles: 1. The first way is to simply wear some colorful heels. Remember summer is all about the color. With heels you won’t only look styles but also done up and obviously classy. 2. The second way is to wear a bright clutch. Clutches scream … More How To Dress Up A Summer Outfit

Short Summer Haul

Short english review: Even though it’s not technically summer in El Salvador I did some shopping a while ago in order to be ready for the hot summer days. All of the quality of these items its price worthy ,sturdy and over all good quality, however the things I ordered from took so long … More Short Summer Haul

Beauty Life Hack: How to apply False Eyelashes

English and Spanish instructions/ Instrucciones en Ingles y Español  1.The first step consists of getting the lashes out of the package. Therefore start of by gently tugging the sides of the lashes.  1.El primer paso consiste en sacar las pestañas postizas del empaque. Por ende, empieza por lentamente jalar los extremos de las pestañas despegándolas del … More Beauty Life Hack: How to apply False Eyelashes

DIY Chalkboard Cup

English & Spanish Instructions/Instrucciones en Ingles & Español 1.The first thing you have to do is put a strand of tape that covers the first 2 inches of the cup. This is done so that when you drink out of the cup it doesn’t feel weird and you don’t taste the chalkboard paint, by doing … More DIY Chalkboard Cup

DIY Tumblr Notebook Cover

English and Spanish instructions/Instrucciones en Ingles y Español DISCLAIMER! Some of the pictures in this specific collage are mine whilst some aren’t/ Algunas fotos en este collage son mias al igual que otras fueron bajadas de el internet. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Easiest DIY ever! The first thing you need to do is choose a bunch of fotos … More DIY Tumblr Notebook Cover