A little bit about me

Hey there! After so long of posting on my blog I have finally decided to tell you a little bit about me. My name is Gabriela Zedan (Gaby for short) and I am currently 19 years old and trying to get through my Business Administration BA…It’s going…”Okay”. You have probably seen my blog posts before coming over and reading my “about me” page, therefore you know that one of my passions is makeup. It started as a fun thing I did when I was bored however quickly became the activity I HAD to squeeze in the day because it’s all I ever want to do. The pure fact that I learned how to do my makeup through watching Youtube videos is what drove me to make my own Youtube Channel and share what I love to do through video form. I do get a lot of inspiration when I do my makeup looks but always try to give it my own little twist to express myself as an artist.

I love to shop (like every girl does), however have an obsession with traveling. Living in El Salvador allows me to easily go to beautiful places which is something I will always thank my small country for. After binge watching tons of travel vlogs and yes….Casey Neistat , I recently started sharing my trips on my Youtube Channel.

So….I end my “About me” tab by asking you to please stick around if your passions are similar to mine or just want to keep hearing about me.


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