Do I Really Need This Palette?

Do I Really Need This Palette?

Overconsumption of beauty products is harming the planet and your wallet.

I’ll admit it, I was one of those girls who whenever a new makeup product was released, would save up and purchase it without even checking if I already had something similar within my collection and most of the time, I already did. Now, I am faced with a bunch of makeup with all similar shades, similar products, and literally NO SPACE.

In my opinion, the rise of beauty influencers played a big role in convincing us we NEEDED to buy the same makeup they were using (including the same quantities). Do you remember when Youtube beauty gurus were booming and they would film “Makeup Collection” videos which would consist of rooms and drawers full of makeup products? I literally felt like I not only wanted but NEEDED to have a room filled with makeup to be recognized and part of this community, and so I bought more and more products.

Now, I realize how ridiculous this is. There is absolutely no way you would be able to use up all of that makeup even if it didn’t have an expiration date. In fact, I will take this one step further, even if you were to apply a FULL face of makeup every single day of your life, you would never use up twenty 24-shade eyeshadow palettes. 

I am sure not everyone is as addicted to makeup as I am so I was very interested in finding information about people’s makeup collections, however, this data was not available anywhere online. Therefore, I decided to do my own survey! (Thank you so much to the 103 people who participated, it means a lot)

The demographic of the survey focused on females between the ages of 12-23 making them part of Gen Z, the generation known for their involvement in social media and target market for many influencers.

Interestingly enough, 84.2% of the participants said that they do wear makeup almost every day but it’s fairly natural and doesn’t require the use of a lot of products. 

63.5% said that the eyeshadow palettes they own consist of similar shades.

72% said that they do not believe they use all of the makeup products they own.

So the question remains, If we are conscious that we do not use all of the makeup we own, and we always buy the same shades, why did we purchase more in the first place? and more importantly, why do we continue purchasing more?

Just as I thought, 77% responded that their purchasing habits are influenced by beauty bloggers.

Funny enough, this is what the makeup collections of some of their favorite influencers look like:

Now, I am not saying that these influencers and their content are the ONLY reason why people tend to purchase more makeup, but according to my research, it is a contributing factor. When you see a person you admire owns a certain thing, you tend to want to own it too because you are afraid of missing out. If you don’t believe me, these are some of the comments my sample made when asked their thoughts on makeup collection videos:

“I felt like I wanted to purchase everything”

 “ I needed the products” 

 “It made me go buy more makeup because I felt like I didn’t own everything I needed.”

The purpose of this blog post isn’t to convince influencers to quit their jobs nor for makeup lovers to feel bad about themselves. It is rather to educate consumers in ways you can make smarter purchases and slow down consumption habits.

Furthermore, I would like to give you some of my tips and tricks on how you can stop over-purchasing beauty products:

  1. Whenever you want to purchase a new makeup product, revisit your makeup collection, and analyse if you already own something similar. If you do, skip on purchasing it. It will save you money and you will be able to obtain the same look with the product you already own.
  2. Stop purchasing those huge 24+ eyeshadow palettes. They are inconvenient to travel with, you will NEVER use up all of the shades, and most of the time, the quality varies from one eyeshadow to another. Instead, I would recommend buying smaller palettes that you know you absolutely love every shade in them, this way you know you’ll use it all up and won’t waste any product.
  3. Narrow down your absolute favorite product from every category. Whenever you are looking into purchasing a new product from that category, you can compare it with the one you already own to see if it is really worth the purchase. For instance, my favorite concealer is from L.A. Girl and I am absolutely in love with it. Therefore, if a brand releases a new concealer, I don’t feel the need to buy it because the one I already own is my favorite and works perfectly for me. 
  4. Ask yourself if you would use it every day. Chances are if the answer is no, you won’t be able to use it up before it expires and thus, the product will go to waste. Waste of money and product.
  5. Watch or read more than one review. Everyone has a different opinion and many times, influencers are being paid to talk positively about a certain product, therefore, their opinion is biased. However, if you are able to get different people’s perspectives, you can better understand if the product is worth it for you. 

If there is one thing most of my sample could agree on is that there should be a concern about the climate crisis, but unfortunately, by buying more and more products, you aren’t helping the cause. 

However, there is still time to make a change to your purchasing habits! You can take this blog post as your official invitation into becoming a more conscious consumer within the beauty community!

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