Diversity Marketing Exploitation

What are beauty companies missing when doing their marketing campaigns? Simple answer; Authenticity. I have been watching Amanda Elimian’s Youtube channel this past week and she really inspired me to write this “essay”. In her videos, she discusses the evident racism within the beauty industry and I would like to add on to her conversation. 

We all know about Fenty Beauty and how Rihanna came up with the inclusive 40 shade foundation collection. This was a big step in the beauty community because it upped the game for its competitors. It basically shed a light on the conversation that everyone deserves to have a foundation shade that fits their skin color! (Why did it take so long for this to become the standard??? )

Fenty Beauty Foundation Shades

After this, every company that released a new foundation or concealer was held accountable when they didn’t have a good enough shade range. Mind you, this only began happening AFTER Fenty…(AFTER 2018) So what did companies began doing? Releasing more shades and alternatives for black women (This is an overstatement because MANY black women are still forced to mix different foundation shades to obtain their own color).

Although this is a step in the right direction, many companies, because they have increased their foundation range, began to market themselves as “diverse” and as “lovers of all skin colors”. Why? Because it is a relevant topic that SELLS PRODUCTS. 

I am a marketer and can completely understand the benefits of supporting a social issue, especially for a company. However, I am also a consumer and it is so evident when a company is just trying to sell the idea of diversity instead of authentically believing in the cause. There is a big difference between fighting for an issue you truly believe in like Fenty is doing and just pretending because it is a relevant topic that will help you sell more products.

I am sure that many of you agree with me but I invite you to do a small experiment. Go on the Instagram page of your favorite beauty brand, scroll down, and analyze their feed. Go as far as before 2018! How many Black people, Asians, Latinos are in their posts? Or do they only post pictures of white people? This is how you really find out if a company cares about diversity or if they are just trying to sell you the idea that they do.

I don’t want this post to come off as me bashing on beauty companies that promote diversity. I genuinely believe ALL companies should do this! However, I want companies to be authentic when doing it! I want consumers to be aware of the real values of the companies they purchase from and I want companies to stop exploiting these social issues only to sell, sell, and sell products.

Amanda Elimian is constantly posting interesting videos on Youtube so I will leave here the link for her channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUCygxhG2VsJXz7i1GkmLVQ

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