Everyday Boldness

Everyday boldness


1. Prime your eyelids using the ELF Eyelid Primer, this will ensure that your shadows stick to your eyelids and increase their lasting power.
2. Start off by taking the BH Cosmetics “28 COLOR NEUTRAL EYESHADOW PALETTE” and create a mixture of 4 browns. With this mixture what you want to foo it apply it on the crease and blend it towards the brow bone. This will bring warmth into the look. Apply the same mixture all over your lower lash line.(The brown’s location:3rd column,1st row. 4th column, first row. 4th column,2nd row. 5th column,2nd row.)
3. After that what you want to do is take the BH Cosmetics “28 COLOR PALETTE SMOKY EYES EDITION” and select the lightest matte grey.When you have done this apply the shade all over the eyelid.
4. Using the BH Cosmetics “88 TROPICAL MATTE EYESHADOW” palette you want to pack a matte grey into your brush. (Location of Matte Grey in palette: 12th Column, 3rd Row.) You want to apply this color right on the crease of your eye and slightly blend it, you don’t want a harsh line you want everything to blend perfectly.
5. Take the matte black from the same palette and apply it precisely on the outer V of your eye. You don’t want to apply a lot of black since you just want a hint of it to show through the grey. Applying too much of this black eyeshadow will create harshness and for this look we want to prevent that on your eyelid.
6. With the ELF “Cream Eyeliner” in Black you want to smudge it all over your lower lash line. You don’t want to create a perfect line so harshly smudge the shade. Also apply eyeliner on your waterline.
7. With the same eyeliner create a thin line on your upper lash line to create definition.
8. With the black eyeshade previously used on the outer v, apply it on top of the cream liner both on your lower and upper lash line.
9. Apply LOTS of mascara on your upper and lower lashes to create thick voluminous lashes.

1. Start off by applying your favorite foundation. For this look i used a mixture of the COVERGIRL “Clean oil control anti luisance foundation” and the REVLON “COLORSTAY” foundation. (My shades: COVERGIRL 535 medium light. REVLON 180 sand beige.)
2. After that i personally like to set the foundation with the PONDS “ANGEL FACE COMPACT POWDER” Even though i don’t need the extra coverage i like to apply it to set the previous foundations.
3. Time to contour! To do this you want to start off by suck in your cheeks in order to find your cheek bones. When you have already found your cheekbones you want to start contouring. I personally used the mixture of 2 matte eyeshadows from the BH Cosmetics “28 COLOR NEUTRAL EYESHADOW PALETTE”. (Location:4th column, first row. 5th column,2nd row.)Apply this right below your cheekbones and slowly build up the shade until you reach your desired intensity. Try not to bring the brown down to the corner of your mouth,if it helps put 4 of your fingers on your cheek bones. The location you your last finger will tell you where to stop the counturing. After contouring your cheekbones apply some of the brown on your temples and jaw line. This will help you define your features. Counture the sides of your nose if you wish to create a smaller nose look. (i did so)
4. Taking your favorite blush apply it right on the apples of your cheeks.I used the ELF Blush in “Pink Passion”
5. Now Highlight! I took the shimmery white from the BH Cosmetics “28 COLOR NEUTRAL EYESHADOW PALETTE” and applied it above the blush, downy the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow.
6. You can’t forget about the lips! i applied the Wet n Wild lip stick in “Just Peachy” and because i felt this was too nude for my taste i layered a bubble gum pink from Love & Beauty.
7. Don’t forget to fill in your brows. I used the ELF Eyebrow Kit in the shade “medium” and just filled them in.

Now its your turn to rock out this look.

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