Copper Ocean Makeup Look


1.Start off the look by mixing the 2 darkest browns from the L’OREAL Earthscape palette and apply it above the crease.Try blending it towards the brow bone.
2.Using the L’OREAL eyeshadow in Glided Bronze, heavily apply it above the brown also bringing it down toward the crease of the eye to create a bronze/smokey look.
3.With the darkest brown from the L’OREAL Earthscape palette, place it right on the crease to create depth and definition.
4.With the palette Take me to Brazil from BH Cosmetics, take the black and use it to intensify the brown placed on the crease. By applying this olor on top you are creating a smokier look.
5.Now using the same BH Cosmetics palette, take the bronze shade and apply it right on the outer third of the eye.
6.Take the gold shade next to the bronze and place it all over the eyelid. Bring it to the inner corner to bring light back into your eyes.
7.With a mixture of the two light blue shades and the two eyeshadows next to them create a smokey look by smudging the mixture in the lower lash line. When you reach the outer part of your lower lash line, extend the blue mixture upwards to create a wing like effect. (look at pictures for reference)
8.To create a more defined lower lash line, grab the black eyeshadow and dab it as close yo your lashes as possible. Try not to apply a lot of the black eyeshadow because you don’t want to cover the blue.
9.Whith a black eyeliner line your upper and lower waterline. If you want to create a deeper black, set the eyeliner with the black eyeshadow from the BH Cosmetics Palette.
10.Since you have created a wing that comes from your lower lash line, you want to balance it out with a wing on your upper lash line. Do this with black liquid eyeliner.
11.Taking a white eyeliner place it on your brow bone to create a high arch.
12.Apply LOTS of mascara on your upper lashes.
13.For your lower lashes, apply a blue tinted mascara. This will make the blue pop a lot more and create a very pretty final touch to the look.
After this, YOU ARE DONE!!

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