Dazzling Prom

Dazzling Prom


1. Using the elf eyelid primer, apply it all ove your eyelid.
2. With the LOREAL palette mix the darkest brown with the second to darkest brown and apply it above your crease.
3. Create a mix of the following pinks from the BH Cosmetics 88 color shimmer palette and apply them all over the crease. (4th,6th,7th row 7th column. )
4. Grabbing the hot pink neon pink from the BH Cosmetics ‘Take me to Brazil’ palette and apply it on the outer v of the eyelid.
5. Taking a light/pearly pink from sinful colors apply it on the eyelid. (If this color covers a little bit of the neon pink previously applied just re-apply to regain intensity)
6. Taking any liquid liner line your upper lash line creating a small wing.
7. Taking the ELF glitter liner in ‘Copper’ apply a thin line above the black liner to add a little bit more of shimmer and attention to the eyes.
8. Taking the black from the Take me to Brazil’ palette smoke it out on the outer lower lash line.
9. To create a pretty gradient, take the Hot pink from the Take me to Brazil’ palette an blend it to the middle of the lower lash line.
10. To finish the gradient from the lower lash line, grab the pink from sinful colors and apply it on the inner corner and remanding area of the lower lash line (tear duct area).
11. With a plain black pencil liner. Line your upper lash line so that your lashes look fuller.
12. With the Rimmel london eyeliner in ‘Nude’ line your lower waterline to create a wider eye effect.
13. Curl your lashes with the ELF lash curler to make them long and curled.
14. Apply 3-4 coats of your favorite mascara or use a lengthening fiber mascara if you wish.
15. Finally taking a white pencil liner slightly highlight the brow bone to make it seem like you have arched brows and set it with the white from the BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil’ palette.

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